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Business Analytics

This is where Irn Security really stand head and shoulders above the 'me-too' companies in the Fire & Security Industry. We used the latest technology in all systems, and combine their most up-to-date offerings to rationalise exact business procedures to enhance Health & Safety, Deliver & Improve efficiencies, eliminate error, and most importantly, reduce business costs. Some example of our Analytics are below…

The combination of latest technology CCTV equipment, and clever analytics software, allows Irn Security to monitor areas/rooms where alarms are raised on the removal on any item within view of the camera. For example, our system will recognise an item of jewellery removed from it’s shop position, and alert the shop manager via an alarm indicator to the exact location of the missing item of jewellery – it even allows for the time in which the item is in a customers’ hand, what we call a “pre-alarm window” to minimise false alarms and only raise the alarm in a real incident.

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Number Plate Recognition

A common misconception is that Number Plate Recognition is easy to achieve. Yes, it is, however the correct camera, hardware and software are required for this to be used accurately...

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Remote Monitoring

Through unique partnerships with Manned Security Guard companies, Irn Security can offer a very competitive Remote Monitoring service

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Process Control

Arguably the most cost saving basis Irn Security can deliver is Process improvements/monitoring leading to early alerts, alarms and huge downtime and cost savings.

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Health & Safety

An area where ALL companies must continually develop and monitor is Health & Safety. Not only will our Fire Safety systems enhance H&S...

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