IRN Security

Process Control

Arguably the most cost saving basis Irn Security can deliver is Process improvements/monitoring leading to early alerts, alarms and huge downtime and cost savings.

Thermal Imaging Heat Control

Specifically, our Thermal imaging CCTV cameras are combined with state of the art software to create alarms when areas of a process ie Wood related processes can run the risk of catching fire.

Our cameras will pin-point the temperature of the current process, send our “pre-alarm” scenarios to process managers, and indeed “full alarm” alerts in the event of certain temperatures being reached. The aim is to prevent a Fire/downtime/cost before it happens – no Fire Alarm system will do this until it is too late! Less Downtime – HUGE SAVING.

Production Line Alerts

Similar to thermal imaging, Irn Security offer many Production Line alerts by combining the latest CCTV equipment with their extremely intelligent analytics software to prevent Production Line blockages, fallen items, damaged goods/machinery, and indeed ultimately line failures – which means downtime and potentially huge costs.

Our systems can pay for themselves within a couple of months of installation due to the potential cost savings in Production, find out how much money Irn Security can save you and call us in to analyse your production procedures. Less Downtime – HUGE SAVING.

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